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We make our services available to you through advertising, a page that includes links to the regulatory agencies and warnings of Tsunami, Hurricane, Earthquake, in order to offer you all your needs in one place.

Our Advertising

Continuous learning and being a dynamic company is the basis of our work. Innovation, optimization, commitment and honesty to our customers is what sets us apart from our competition.  We are Insurex, LLC; experience, excellence and expertise at your fingertips.

Different Financial Calculators


On this page you can find over thirteen financial calculators to make your life easier, motivate you to save and/or you can boast a dignified retirement.

Form to request a quote and/or requirements to claim for Auto Accidents

Form to Quote any Residential Insurance, Personal Package, Commercial Insurance, Commercial Vehicles, etc.  You will also find a PDF file that explains how to claim for an auto accident and common errors that would put it at risk.  Contact us; we will contact you immediately to assist you.   Insurex, LLC will be happy to assist you.

Electronic Links

In this page you will find the main electronic links for the search of some regulatory entities, links of prevention and warnings of disasters.  More importantly, on the NAIC link you will be able to search if any person, Insurance Agency or Broker has a current license required by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner of PR and US.

 "We encourage you to verify prior to receiving a visit from any person claiming to offer insurance services or sales. We have found many persons who represent without a license, and most likely that’s why the clients did not receive payment for their claim".


Campaigns, reviews, ideas, advertising and more at your fingertips.

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