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Group Health for Public Employees

Public Employee, you deserve the best coverage for the commendable work you do. That is why at Insurex, LLC we are committed to providing added value in the services we offer.  The best benefits for Municipalities, Unions or Employee Associations.

Group Medical Plan & Public Employees


  • Public Employees under the provisions of Law 95 of June 29, 1963, which grants broad powers to ASES to contract insurers and health care organizations to provide coverage and services to the thousands of public employees who comprise this important sector.

  • Public Employees Unioned within the Central Government, organized under the provisions of Law 158 of August 10, 2006, which allows you to select your medical plan within a group proposal.

  • Municipal Employees under the provisions of Law 63 of June 21, 2012, which allows the selection of the Health Plan of your preference to municipal employees and their dependents, ensuring the best rates and medical benefits in the market.


  • Coverage Design

  • Constant monitoring of usage

  • Prevention Program

  • COBRA Candidate Employee Management

  • Design and Management of Mental Health Programs - PAE

  • Pharmacy Coverage and Dispatch to Work

  • Dental Coverage

  • Laboratories and X-rays

  • Identification and management of the Medicare Program

  • Life Insurance

  • and much more...

We also offer SINOT, Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability Protection.
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