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Flood Coverage for Overflows, Swells or Hurricanes

At Insurex, LLC we specialize in Flood and Dwelling insurance in order to offer the best protection to your property, trade or condominium.  Flood insurance provides coverage for water damage even in the absence of an atmospheric event or Hurricane.  In our experience working during Hurricane Irma and Maria, we were able to see properties outside of the Coastal Zone and/or Major Channel Zones that were damaged by flooding; since the river system in PR is fragile and we require pumping systems or electrical generators to remove these waters from your area.

As if it were not enough, months after the Hurricane, waves came to our shores doing more damage than the hurricane itself and that is why we recommend to every property owner to purchase a structural flood insurance or content.  If you live in a rented property, you have the right to purchase a flood insurance or personal package for its contents.  If you are looking for information about "ICC", "CRS" or Grandfathering Rules we know how to help you.   We share a video that explains the risks in coastal areas and the new LIMWA zone recommended by Fema.

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Federal Flood Insurance

  • FEDERAL Flood Insurance for Your Property and its Contents

  • FEDERAL Flood Insurance for the Condominium Association and Apartment Owners

  • FEDERAL Flood Insurance for Your Business, Content and Inventory

  • FEDERAL flooding for tenants or rented persons

We are NFIP - Direct
  • CRS

  • Grandfather Rules

  • ICC

National Flood Insurance Program
Dwelling / Fire / Hurricane / Earthquake


For the owner of one or more properties we offer the coverage to protect it: From the structural policy and its contents, meaning your belongings.

If you live rented, you can buy a policy for your belongings and it provides protection against damage and / or losses caused by fire, hurricane, earthquake or vandalism.


For apartment owners, you can purchase coverage beyond the Condominium Association Master Policy.

Thank to Magdiel Maldonado and his production team for authorizing us to present this video. The harsh reality of Hurricane Maria and the fragility of our island in the face of these events.

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