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Commercial Property


Your business or commercial insurance policy doesn't have to be complicated. We want to make sure you know your options so you can find the best commercial insurance policy. We know that no one knows your business better than you and that's why we want to help you protect it. It doesn't matter if you are just starting your business or if you are already established, you know that through an oversight everything can go to waste.  Let us help you protect your firm through commercial insurance.  Service and the constant evaluation of your risks is what characterizes us.

Civil Liability Coverage

This is one of the most common policies in small and/or large businesses. This insurance policy protects your business if a customer initiates a claim or lawsuit against your business. Legal assistance is usually included.  Learn more about commercial liability insurance.

Commercial Property Coverage

This commercial insurance policy protects the property in the event of theft, damage or destruction by incidents including, but not limited to: customers, traffic, theft, winds, fires and lightning. Flood damage from a storm or hurricane is usually not included in this type of policy, but may be added as an endorsement.  A flood endorsement is not always recommended, they tend to offer limited coverage.

In most cases, a structured flood policy is recommended due to hurricanes, river overflows, streams, dams, creeks and, most importantly, coastal swells. These policies do not require the declaration of the President of the United States to take effect and are offered for the property and its inventory.  At Insurex we are Insurance Specialists under the National Flood Insurance Program - FEMA.  We are NFIP - Direct; let us guide you.

Commercial Auto Coverage

Does your business use vehicles? In the event of an accident, while operating your vehicle, your personal auto insurance will not cover a claim if it is used for commercial purposes. In that case, you must have a commercial vehicle insurance policy. Unfortunately, many don't know the difference and must cover damages out of their own pocket. For this reason, commercial vehicle insurance is essential, and if you use trailers in your business, they must also be insured. Learn more about commercial auto insurance.

Overland Transportation Coverage

Overland transportation insurance provides coverage for materials, products and equipment as they are transported to or from your business in a overland manner. This includes materials that your business is transporting, such as: Products or merchandise that you are sending from your business to your customers or raw materials that you are transporting to your facilities.

Business Interruption Coverage

The business interruption policy adds a provision to your commercial property insurance. This policy helps your business recover normal business activities quickly in the event of a natural disaster or accident. After an extended period of inactivity, the policy helps the business get back to normal. Learn more about Business Interruption and/or Utility.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

Liability insurance only protects your business against bodily injury or loss of property to third parties, while a business owner's policy covers your own losses. Business Owner's Insurance (BOP) is designed to combine the two coverages into a single policy; at a reasonable price. Learn more about business owner's insurance.

Professional Liability Coverage


Companies that provide consulting or professional services need a professional liability policy, also known as an error and omission policy. This type of policy offers protection in the event that a client is injured or dissatisfied with the service received.

Home Business Insurance

Many home-based businesses operate under the erroneous premise that the Homeowners policy will cover the risks of your business. Homeowner's insurance only covers damage to the property and members of the property but will not cover loss of income, employee injuries or other claims associated with the operations of your business.

We also offer protection from SINOT, Short Term Disability y Long Term Disability
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